A platform for fashionistas to get inspirations and to inspire others seamlessly at one place.
Conceptual project
Interaction design
This project is to create a cloud platform for fashion enthusiasts. It combined cloud storage and social features in one place. Users can leverage the convenience to inspire others while getting inspirations at the same time.
Cloud storage service is vital. Although several big names already exist in the market, there is still space hasn't been covered. We have search engines to provide materials; we have forums to gather people with common interests; we have tools to collaborate. How can we do everything in one space?
User Research
A survey was shared out through social media to help determine the user's expectations and frustrations.
What is helpful?
said organizing content with categories, tags etc.
said real-time collaboration help increasing productivity
What is frustrating?
said searching saved content
said about setting privacy of content
Competitive Analysis
Some fashion-related content sharing platforms are targeted as competitors; every app provides their unique value to users. However, users need to go over different platforms to fulfill their needs. The application could be more valuable to users if it can include all core features in one place. Another essential is to integrate with other platforms to allow users to utilize their content seamlessly.
Stylebook is made for creating fashion journals, but it doesn't provide cloud storage and share feature. Lookbook's social networking feature allows users to discover inspiration easily; however, the user interface is not intuitive and out-dated. WEAR comes with built-in shopping feature which is convenient.
With the insights from user surveys and competitive analysis, I was able to create user personas to elaborate on the needs of the primary users.
Joanne Day
26, Content Creator
New York
"Proud to dress well everyday and to help people dress themsleves well."
Joanne is a Graphic Design student who lives in New York. She is also a content creator on Youtube. Joanne’s Youtube channel focuses on beauty and fashion. She creates videos to provide tips to her audience on recent fashion trend and how to style for special events, and daily outfits.

No matter working on school projects or creating creative content on Youtube, Joanne always likes browsing on internet to obtain inspirations. She wants an application that she can put all her ideas together before working on her creative content. Joanne also wants to share her moodboards with her friends or partners, since she needs to collaborate with her classmates for school work, or other content creators on her channel.
  • Always stay up-to-date with the recent trend and news
  • Access her saved ideas and moodboards anytime, anywhere
  • Share her creative content with her friends, partners and followers
  • Not enough storage space for her content
  • Unable to organize her content in the way she wants
  • Difficult to search her saved content
Evita Lee
32, Fashion Magazine Editor
San Francisco
"I want to share my passion of fashion to fashionistas all over the world."
Evita is a fashion magazine editor based in San Francisco. She barely sits in her office. She goes to interviews, fashion show, and meeting everywhere.

Evita collects and creates useful fashion-related information for her co-workers and her magazine readers. Time is money, Evita uses all her spare time in between meetings or during her commute. She organizes all the information she gets outside, and she writes her articles and delivers to her co-workers.

She wants her co-workers can share and collaborates her works without location-limitation. The most important is, she doesn’t want anyone steals or copy her content before it is published.
  • Collbaorate with her team without time and location limitation
  • Store her and her team’s work at the safest place, never leaks before publish
  • She needs an application which allows creativities, just like her handwriting notebook
  • Security is still a major issue among internet
  • Re-organizing the storage space is painful
  • Can there be a platform that connect the entire internet
User Stories
Based on the research results and personas, I compiled a list of tasks to accompany the new use, returning user and all users, also prioritized these tasks in order of importance from high to low. High priority tasks were limited to the essentials. For example, signing in, upgrading the account, and uploading a file.
User Flows
Visualized user flows helps to simplify the process of users completing each task. Here are the major user flows for the MVP.
I sketched the wireframe on paper, to create a brief outlook on the application. Then I used Figma to build a low-fidelity prototype, which I could to test with potential users. The results of those user tests informed multiple iterations of flow design.
Fashion is dynamic, creative and unpredictable. To avoid conflicts with the user-generated content, I try to keep the platform simple and minimal. I decided to use VIVID as the brand name. The word vivid has the meaning of sharp, bright and outstanding. It represents the visionof fashion influencers subtly. As all fashion enthusiasts want their style to be VIVID.

Therefore, I came up with two major designs for the logo; one is only using the printed name of the brand. Another one is the initial 'v' inside a circle, looks just like a stamp.
For the style guide, I used the Morandi Color Palette to create the color palette of this brand. Earth tone colors are trending these years; they have a contrast between each other but matching subtly with the shade of gray.
Two typefaces are chosen to present VIVID. Nixie One is the typeface for headlines; Open Sans is for context. Serif typeface enhances the awareness of headlines; San Serif typeface makes paragraphs more easy to read.
The dashboard layout is clean and intuitive. I set the most frequently used buttons in accent colors, and users can locate them quickly. Also, white spaces have been implemented to improve the readability of content.
Upload Content
Users can drag and drop images into the blank spaces and type in the preferred content, just like working on a white canvas.
Tag, Share and Collaborate
With the toolbar on the right, users can add tags to organize their files better; set the privacy of their content; add collaborators to the project with ease.
User Testing
In addition to gathering feedback via Usabilityhub surveys from the Internet, I performed tests in person as well. I observed the process as they moved through the prototype and interviewed the testers afterward.

They suggested adding a sorting feature for users better to find out their desire files, and some minor changes to the visual design.
Before User Testing
After User Testing
Changes happened in the iterations:
  • Enhanced the accent colors to avoid misunderstanding of disabled buttons.
  • Enlarged the size of buttons and font, increasing the ease of use.
  • Used different color and larger icon for folders to different folders and files.
By conducting usability tests and preferences tests, users gave me useful feedbacks that led me how to improve the design. User's feedback is the key to success.

Although research is always the first step in the design process, designers use their first instinct to adapt the research result into their design. When designers think it is straightforward and easy to understand, it may not apply to the users in the same way. The usability test is inevitable.
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